About Us

Grisini® is a hospitality and entertainment company, founded in Manhattan, New York with its origins in the food business since 2000. The Grisini® group founders have operated many gourmet and organic food outlets in New York City and surrounding metropolitan region.

Grisini® developed its business model under three individual store concepts, and has expanded to food and beverage operations in theme parks.

Grisini Foods® is a food hall concept similar to the food halls in Paris, London, Italy and many other countries throughout Europe. Here we bring menus and food selections for your pure enjoyment headed by our Celebrity executive Chef Marc Murphy.

Grisini Market® is a city market concept with its origins in organic, natural and healthy food. The Market also offers prepared and cooked meals ready to take out or be enjoyed in the Market dining areas.

Grisini Coffee® is a unique third wave coffee model that contains a pastry shop, Swiss chocolate and a small eatery. The coffee is directly imported from Grisini’s own coffee fields located in the hills of Columbia.

Food and beverage operations in the theme parks include food halls, kiosks, private party rooms and individualized service.

Simply, we sell the finest natural, healthy and tasty food available. We use the highest quality ingredients and standards from which we bake and cook. Grisini® has taken great effort to locate the best quality and the healthiest food. The Grisini® concept was created after four-years of planning and development. The idea is to simply bring the finest foods together in one place for your pleasure.

Grisini® and its theme park operations, lead by Levent Veziroglu will be debuting their food selections in the American Dream Mall throughout various locations, including Nickelodeon® Theme Park and Dreamworks® Water Park, very soon.



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